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Copyright and Fair Use

Copyright and fair use guidelines

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Copyright and Fair Use

Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science is dedicated to the free exchange of ideas and the creation of knowledge. The University is also committed to respecting the intellectual property rights of others, including those of copyright owners, and to following the copyright laws of the United States (codified, in large part, in Title 17 of the United States Code).

The copyright laws of the United States are complex. This guide is intended to provide a basic overview of copyright and Fair Use and to assist compliance efforts by posting guidelines created through the good faith application of copyright laws as they relate to the education environment. To see the University's policy on copyright, click here.

A brief overview of copyright law - what it is, how it works.

A description of fair use, with guidelines and examples.

Descriptions of attribution and plagiarism and why they are important.

Links to a recording of a recent lecture on copyright in higher education and three short overview videos.

Links to tools and recommended readings for copyright and fair use.

Feel free to contact us with specific questions about copyright and fair use or to schedule a workshop.