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Friday Fix: Use Species Filter to Limit to Human Subjects

by Charlotte Beyer, MSIS, AHIP on 2020-04-10T10:18:57-05:00 in Electronic Resource Tutorials | 0 Comments

Image of Infographic of how to limit to the species filter in PubMed

Today's Friday Fix is about limiting results in PubMed. One challenge users sometimes have in PubMed is that the top results have mainly animal subjects like mice, rats, dogs, etc. However the user wants to find only articles with human subjects. The simple fix for this problem is to use the species filter and then select humans. This will filter out the results which are animal subjects, leaving only the ones with human subjects. 

To see a demonstration of this process, review the following video:

Special Note: In the New PubMed, the species filter is under Additional Filters. 

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