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Boxer Library

Natural Medicines

Tutorial on Natural Medicine's databases and tools.

Natural Medicines

Natural Medicines is a series of internal databases containing monographs, written studies of specific subjects, designed to inform users about natural medicines, dietary supplements and alternative therapies. This website provides users access to commercial product data and several interaction and effectiveness tools.

This holistic and complimentary medicine research site provides:

  • Researchable databases on natural remedies and manufacturers
  • Nutrient depletion checker
  • Interaction checker between medications and supplements
  • Effectiveness checker
  • Adverse effects checker
  • Pregnancy and Lactation checker
  • Natural MedWatch for reporting adverse effects
  • FDA and COVID-19 advisories
  • Getting to Natural Medicines
    • Natural Medicines must be accessed through the Boxer Library. 
    • Click on either More, under Related Links, or click Electronic Resources under the Chat with a Librarian Box.
    • Scroll down to Natural Medicines and select it.  You may be prompted to log in, using your HelixNet username and password.