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Boxer Library

Boxer Library Spaces, Services, and Resources

Important! How to Use Study Space

​​​​​Library will be open 24/7 for studying. Please use the provided sanitizing wipes to clean your study area before and after use.

  • To ensure we can be open as much as possible and only shut down minimally for cleaning,  
    • Clean you area with the provided sanitizing wipes before and after using the space
    • Masks must remain on and social distancing space of three (3) feet must be maintained
    • If eating, you may remove your mask; please maintain six (6) feet of social distancing if you are eating
    • When you leave, take your belongings with you


Welcome from Charlotte Beyer, Library Director

Welcome to the Boxer Library at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science. Fall 2020 definitely looks different than any start of the academic year that has come before it. If you are a returning student things will look different than last spring, but know the Boxer Library is still here to provide resources and services which support your educational and research needs while taking measures to protect our RFUMS community. 

The procedures and plans outlined in this guide engage with the following core values and guiding principles:

  • Scholarship and Excellence: The library will continue to support the programs of Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science in providing educational resources and services to support scholarship within members of the RFUMS community.
  • Teamwork: The library staff of the Boxer Library will work as a team to deliver a high level of service to the RFUMS community while respecting the safety and wellbeing of our staff. Library staff members will work interprofessionally with members of the faculty to support the curriculum.
  • Innovation: The library will find innovative new ways to deliver content to members of the RFUMS community which can be used wherever and whenever the members of our community are located.

Guiding Principles

  • The Boxer Library will work within the framework outlined by the Coronavirus Oversight Committee led by President Wendy Rheault.
  • To best support the social distancing guidelines identified by the Coronavirus Oversight Committee, the library will support a “digital first” strategy for acquisition and promotion of materials. This means that the library’s first priority is to promote and acquire electronic versions of materials which can be accessible online and integrated into D2L Brightspace as the university supports a hybrid approach to education with an emphasis on remote learning when appropriate. The library will also explore software to make electronic access as seamless as possible as well as ways to digitize print materials when appropriate.
  • Along with the safety protocols outlined by the Coronavirus Oversight Committee, the library will take additional measures and safeguards to reflect the unique needs of the library staff as well as members of the RFUMS community.
  • This reopening process may change as unexpected factors arise and new information becomes available. The library will continually work to support the guidelines from the Coronavirus Oversight Committee and make changes as necessary.


Charlotte Beyer, MSIS, AHIP

Library Director, Boxer Library

Lecturer, Interprofessional Healthcare Studies