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RefWorks Citation Management Tutorial

Instruction on how to create your RefWorks account, save citations to RefWorks, and create a reference list/bibliography using RefWorks.

How to Create a New Folder

One great feature of RefWorks is the ability to create folders to organize citations. 

1) Add Citations to RefWorks. You need citations before a folder can be created.



2) Click on the checkbox in the gray box above the citation.



3) Click on the folder icon at the top.



4) Click on New Folder



5) Name the folder and click Create




How to Add Items to a Folder

Adding items to your newly created folders is an easy drag and drop process. 

1) Click on the gray box over the citation.



2) Drag the citation over your desired folder. Notice after we added a citation there are two instead of one. 



3) If you click on the folder name you will see the citations you added.