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RefWorks Citation Management Tutorial

Instruction on how to create your RefWorks account, save citations to RefWorks, and create a reference list/bibliography using RefWorks.

Adding Citations to Refworks by Import from a saved text file

Some online resources, such as PubMed, allow for saving citations as a text file which can then be imported into RefWorks.

To import a citation to RefWorks using a saved text file from PubMed:

1) Click on the article title you want to save the citation for on the PubMed search results screen to be taken to the detailed record for the article.


2) Click on Send to:


3) Select Citation Manager, then click Create File to download the file to your computer.



5) Click on References in the grey toolbar at the top of the RefWorks website, then click on Import from the drop down options.


6) Select NLM PubMed from the Import Filter/Data Source.


7) Select PubMed as the Database.


8) Click on Choose File and select the text file you downloaded from PubMed.


9) Click on Import.


10) Click on the X in the upper right corner of the Import References screen to close the prompt.

The new citation has now been added to your RefWorks account.