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Circulation Services

This page outlines how a current student, faculty, or staff member can use and check out materials housed in the Learning Resource Center.

Presentation Practice Room FAQ

What are some uses for the Presentation Practice Room?    
  • Prepare for a thesis or dissertation defense
  • Private group study
  • Practice for a conference
  • Practice for a class presentation
Who can use the Presentation Practice Room?    

Current RFUMS students can the room in three hour blocks. You must have at least three students to use the room for group study.

When can it be used?    

The presentation practice room can be reserved Monday through Friday, 8:30a/m/ to 5:30p.m.

What is in the room? 
  • 46 inch wall mounted monitor
  • Power PC
  • Tabletop Lectern
  • Conference Table and Chairs for six
  • Internet Access
Addition items available at circulation desk:
  • camcorder
  • tripod
  • dry erase markers for whiteboard
How do I reserve the room?
  1. Go to the circulation desk and ask if the presentation practice room is available.
  2. Fill out the form that the staff member gives you.
  3. Check out any additional equipment you may need, such as camcorder, tripod, etc.
  4. When done, return the key and any check-out materials to the circulation desk.
Can I eat or drink in the Presentation Practice Room?    

Due to the equipment housed in the room, we ask that you do not eat or drink in this space. After you have returned the key and any additional equipment, a staff member will check the condition of the room. If we find evidence of food or drink, you will be prevented from using the room in the future.

Can I receive a critique of the presentation I recorded?    

Yes, you can receive public speaking and presenting critiques from the Educational Technology staff. If interested in this service, please contact Ron Herbig or Quentin Conkle at