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Boxer Library

Electronic Course Reserves (eReserves)

Learn about electronic course reserves (eReserves)


The library can help you set up and manage reading assignments in your D2L course space. Once you've asked IT to enable the eReserves module for your existing course, faculty can submit a list of assigned readings to the library using the form in the menu, or by clicking here

Once the library has the information, we will collect the materials and upload them to a unique eReserve page your students can access from within the course. Since D2L courses require the use of the university's single sign on (HelixNet ID), students will be able to connect seamlessly with library resources.

We can organize readings from library resources and outside materials by assignment date or by a general topic, with or without descriptive information. We can also provide legal access to millions of titles of copyrighted content, such as magazine articles, newspaper articles, book excerpts, poems, blogs, and more, through our agreement with the Copyright Clearance Center

If you have additional questions, please send us an email.


Content can be arranged in folders.

Example: in order of weekly assigned readings

Many thanks to Mary Russell for sharing eReserves from her course HNUT 554 - Nutrition in Critical Care. 

Screenshot of eReserves for HNUT 554 - Nutrition in Critical Care, showing reading assignments arranged by week

Example: by subject matter

Many thanks to Carl Lawson for sharing eReserves from his course HDE313 -  Resources: Inequities & Disparities in Medicine and Medical Education 

Screenshot of eReserves for HDE313, a resource guide about inequity and disparities in medicine